Rose Bouquet x 7 Flrs

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Code: H-8362

Description: Rose Bouquet x 7 Flrs
Size: 23 cm (H), 8 cm (Largest Flower)
Material: Silk flowers and leaves on individual wired plastic stems
Colours (Back, L-R): Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red
Colours (Front, L-R): Burgundy, 2 Tone Pink, Mauve, Dk. Purple
Packaging: 12 pcs/box*

*Please note that there is no minimum order quantity.  We only include the packaging information on the website for customers who prefer to buy box quantities.

NOTE: see also the similar item, H-8362N, for other colours.  Please take care to be specific when ordering, due to the possibility of confusion between H-8362 and H-8362N.