Vintage Magnolia Bouquet

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Code: Teardrop Bouquet (13)

This bouquet was for a lovely bride's Maid of Honour. The brief for the wedding flowers was to use warm and dusty colours paired with some native leaves. The deep rich burgundies and ivory roses match well with the native Australian leaves. See also Wedding Set #25.

Items used include: 

  • H-1020 - 14" Gray Santolina Spray
  • H-1033/28 - 28" Eucalyptus Pods Spray
  • H-1038 - Gum Leaf Spray
  • H-6623 - Single Large Magnolia (Burgundy) *No longer available in Burgundy*
  • H-6626 - 26" Rose Spray (Peach, White)
  • H-8223 - 10" Single Rose Bud Stem (Ivory)
  • H-8919 - Annethum Spray (Queen Anne Lace; Cream)