Cedar Pine Trees

Code: E133E-X0030-EHE03

Blossom Wall Picture

Code: H-0201

Boxwood Mat

Code: H-0360/60

60cm Boxwood Ball

Code: H-0363~H-0369~H-0366~H-0370~H-0361

Boxwood Balls: Assorted Sizes

**H-0363 Out of Stock**
Code: H-0371

40cm Boxwood Ball

Code: H-0379

50cm Boxwood Ball

Code: H-3809/C

Cedar Pine Bonsai in pot

**Also available in Pencil Pine**
Code: H-3809/P

Pencil Pine Bonsai in Pot

**Also available in Cedar Pine**
Code: H-5100

Boxwood Hedge

**Out of Stock**
Code: H-5661/51~H-5661/64

51” & 64” Holland Ivy Spiral Tree

Code: H-5666/5

5′ Cedar Seahorse