25″ Thistle Spray

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Code: H-6396

Description: 25" Thistle Spray
Size: 64 cm (Height), 2 cm (Largest Flower - Length), 5 cm (Largest Flower - Width)
Material: Plastic flowers and silk leaves on a plastic stem
Colours: Lavender, Mauve
Packaging: 24 pcs/box*

**Please note that there is no minimum order quantity.  We only include the packaging information on the website for customers who prefer to buy box quantities.

TIPS: this Thistle Spray is perfect to use as fillers amongst arrangements or bouquets of other types of flowers.  Alternatively, the smaller flower head makes it suitable for delicate work such as boutonnieres or corsages.  The clusters of flowers are contained on different branches off the main stem, which provides great versatility as the Thistle Spray can be used as the whole spray, as smaller cut branches, as clusters of flowers, or as individual flowers, depending on how you cut it.