22″ Single Banksia

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Code: H-6632

Description: 22'' Single Banksia
 56 cm (Height), 9 cm (Flower - Length), 6 cm (Flower - Width)
Materials: Plastic flower covered with fibrous filaments in centre, and plastic leaves on plastic stem
Colours: Burgundy, Coral, Beige
Packaging: 24 pcs/box*

*Please note that there is no minimum order quantity.  The packaging details are on the website simply for those customers who prefer to buy box quantities.

TIP:  a beautiful new addition to our range of ever-popular native Australian flowers, this cute new banksia features a high level of attention to detail, with fibres on the central flower and the ring of individual protrusions surrounding the base of the flower, to give it a realistic texture.  This would look perfect in any arrangement or bouquet, and can even be used to simulate a dried banksia without the mess or brittleness of a real dried flower.