A wedding is one of life’s biggest events. We can make custom bouquets according to your liking…just speak to one of our friendly staff and let us help you make the perfect flowers for your big day!

We can supply flowers for a bouquet you have your eye on, or we can help you design one. Just email us, or better yet, pop instore with a picture of a bouquet if you have one, dress colour, theme and/or any other ideas or items you may want to use (e.g., feathers, diamantes).

Should you require the expertise of our florist to make the bouquet, we can arrange that for you. This applies to bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and anything else you may need.

Code: Assorted Buttonholes

Lg. Buttonholes

Code: Assorted Corsages

Lady Wrist Corsage

Code: Assorted Corsages

Lady Wrist Corsage

Code: Assorted Corsages

Custom Calla Lily Set

Code: Church Decoration (1)

Rose & Hydrangea Centerpiece Arrangement

Code: Church Decoration (2)

Rose & Hydrangea Cascading Arrangement

Code: Church Decoration (3)

Hydrangea Church Pews Decoration

Code: Flower Arrangement (45)

Peony & Gardenia Posy Arrangement

Code: Flower Crown (01)

Assorted Small Flower Crowns

Code: Flower Crown (02)

Side-swept Flower Crown

Code: Flower Crown (03)

Rose & Carnation Flower Crown

Code: Free-form Posy (01)

Lily & Mum Free-form Posy

Code: Free-form Posy (02)

Native Free-form Posy Bouquet

Code: Free-form Posy (03)

Lg. Rose & Freesia Free-form Bouquet

Code: Free-form Posy (05)

Dusty Red & Black Rose Bouquet